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Congrats to our 2022 Senior Dolphins (Undefeated 6-0)

Swim Team FAQ


When is stroke Clinic?

11:00 the first week after practice when school gets out. Each day is a different stroke.


Why is my swimmer in only 2 events?

The swimmer has to swim the stroke correctly. Sign up for stroke clinics or swim lessons for more practice.


How can I find out my child’s time after the meet?

Times will be posted in ABC order on the bulletin board the day after the swim meet.


Why didn’t my child receive a ribbon?

Ribbons are given out the next morning after swim practice. 1st -8th place only in each event.


How do I know when my child will be swimming.

Heat sheets are emailed to you before the meet.


Who do I need to tell if my child misses a meet?

There is a sign up sheet for each meet on the bulletin board. Coaches must do swim entries 2 days before swim meet! Please let us know when swimmer will NOT be at meet.


Do I have to volunteer?

Yes, we are all volunteers! Parents run the swim meet. Please sign up for 3 volunteer spots!


What happens if it rains?

Sign up for Rainout via text. We will make the decision as late as possible and let you know via text.


Do you have swim team pictures available?

Yes, pictures are scheduled the first Monday after school gets out.


Do you provide extra practices?

Yes, stroke clinics AND coaches provide swim lessons


How many meets does my swimmer need to swim in order to be in the ALL STAR meet?

Per SPSL rules, swimmers MUST swim 3 meets to quality for ALL STARS.


Why isn’t my shrimper in the meet?

Shrimpers HAVE to swim the length of the pool without assistance from coaches by June 12th.


How do I register my child for swim team?

After you pay your membership dues, then you will be able to register on the site under swim team.


Can I sign up for swim team after practices have started?

Yes, you can sign up until two days before the first meet.


How old does my swimmer have to be to sign up for swim team?

Swimmers have to be 4 years old to be able to be on the swim team.


Does BWE Swim Team provide lessons?

Yes, for a small fee our swim team coaches teach swim lessons throughout the summer. Individual or small group.


How many days a week is practice?

Practice is everyday after school until summer. Then practice is every morning.


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